A Group Of Elderly Women Standing Outside A Building

A Place to Live Life to the Fullest

Mill City is a community designed to meet a myriad of needs. With accessible amenities, stimulating activities and events, and highly-trained, compassionate staff, you will feel totally at home here.

We’ve developed a robust menu of services to ensure your needs are met every day. We offer beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces alongside communal areas, like a theater, pub, fitness room, and many others!

Our main goal is to provide a place where you can find the perfect balance of independence and support. With varying levels of care like assisted living, memory care, and independent living, you’ll find everything you need at Mill City.

Our Mission is to enrich the lives of those we serve.

Our Commitments to You

Respect Everyone For Who They Are & Who They May Become

Our residents are integral members of our community, and they are always treated as such. We treat every resident with the utmost respect and consideration, from getting to know each personally to starting and ending every interaction with a smile. It’s one of our main goals to ensure every community member is treated with courtesy, dignity, and respect.

Recognize that every person is unique & has their own set of values, beliefs, ideas, & own way of doing things

At Mill City, individuality is celebrated. We understand that everyone is unique in their own, extraordinary way—that’s why we offer various choices to suit all different lifestyles. We operate with a sense of urgency to ensure our residents’ needs are met and anticipated whenever possible.

Respond to all your concerns, needs, & ideas

Your feedback is incredibly important to us. As a community, your input helps us continually grow and develop our programs to give you the highest possible care standard. As a team, we work hard to resolve your concerns, apologize where necessary, and never make promises we can’t keep. Your happiness is paramount to our collective success.